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The planning application for the Hub is due to be submitted on or after 26 May 2017. When it has been registered and uploaded to the Planning Portal, this website will be updated to provide easy links to all of the application documents and plans, and information on how to take part in the formal consultation.

Mildenhall Hub planning application submitted - Press release 26 May 2017

A rare opportunity exists in Mildenhall to bring together a range of public services on one site, making access easier and cutting costs. A project group, involving the potential partners, is now finalising plans to create a 'Mildenhall Hub' with a view to approving funding and submitting a planning application in 2017 and opening the first facilities by 2020.

Those currently involved in exploring the idea of a Mildenhall Hub include:

  • Mildenhall College Academy
  • Forest Heath District Council
  • Mildenhall swimming pool and the Dome (Abbeycroft Leisure)
  • Suffolk County Council (including the fire service)
  • Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner/Suffolk Constabulary
  • West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group (for the NHS)
  • Suffolk Libraries Service
  • Citizen’s Advice Bureau
  • DWP (Job Centre)

The project is also part of the Government's One Public Estate Programme

Information on the Hub can be found by clicking on the following links. Check back here for the latest news.

Important note: In some Local Plan consultation documents part of the proposed site for the Hub is included within a larger potential growth site. Please note that the working title 'Mildenhall Hub' relates only to the relocation of existing public services as part of an extension of the Sheldrick Way school site. It does not refer to the proposal for a housing growth site to the West of Mildenhall, which is a separate matter (more details on the Local Plan).